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Nano-Mono Molecular Lubricant Technology
For Automotive Drive Line Components

Introducing JILCAT Proline the Engine that runs without oil after treated with Jilcatproline UFR .

*We use easy run test stands

It's not the Spark Plugs VVT, VCT, VCTi - Variable Valve Timing
Engin e oil is no longer just a lubricant, it is a hydraulic medium. It is a signal messenger and mover for variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, and direct injection. Engine oil is regularly running through an oil solenoid, spoo l valves and actuators to run these variable components. Sludge, dirty oil, lack of maintenance and higher miles have all contributed to the decline of engine per formance. Knocking, rattling and clicking can all be attributed to the buildup of sludge. This can be reversed using this patented technology.

Protect Your Machinery
In any machinery with parts moving repetitively, wear and tear due to friction is bound to occur. Lessen the long-term damage when you use friction-reducing oils by JILCAT 85 Proline Ultra Friction Reducer Engineered by Petron Plus. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we carry a wide array of products, including gun cleaning oils.

Patented Technology

Prevent friction and future damage to almost any metal component with our innovative products. Our friction-reducing oil is the only patented nano-monomolecular lubricant technology in the world, and it revolutionizes the performance of components. Our superior friction reducer re-engineers the structure of hydrocarbon material to very small sizes of .01 microns. This creates a uniform layer of hydrocarbon molecules on metals. At the nano level, the hydrocarbon molecule produces a negative charge. As the metal becomes heated, it develops a positive charge so the negative charge of the product creates a magnetic bond that produces a high-sheer layer of lubricant other lubricants can't match. This acts as a barrier to moisture and air, providing superior corrosion and rust protection for your machinery.

Proven Track Record

Utilize the same products used by professionals and governments. The superior performance of our product has been verified by testing at an internationally recognized laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. It has been produced for more than 35 years and field-tested by the federal government, all branches of the military, and various industrial manufacturing companies. We're so confident you'll be satisfied with our product, we offer a 100% guarantee on all products. We also offer warranties and separate mechanical breakdown policies which cover the repair or replacement of any component we treat.

A Wide Range of Choices

A variety of machinery often means a spectrum of specific needs. We have 450 products that can be used in various metal components. Our products contain no mercury, zinc, or any chemicals, solvents, or solid metal particles. Use our lubricants to reduce energy usage, emissions, and degradation of parts.

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