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Increase Fuel Mileage - Reduce Metal Wear Lower Operating Temperature By Improving The Oil Pressure Using Our Patented Liquid
Nano Hydrocarbon Technology

About Nano Technology


Increase Fuel Mileage, Reduce Metal Wear, and Reduce Engine Heat with Our Patented Lubricant

This supplement contains no Teflon, PPFE, graphite, copper, lead, zinc, carbon, tetrachloride, 1,1,1, or any other harmful solvents.  JILCAT 85 Proline Ultra Friction Reducer Engineered by Petron Plus uses patented motor lubricant technology to ensure your automobile runs without wasting energy or undergoing unnecessary wear and tear.

Using a patented hydrocarbon technology designed for aerospace and the military this product line will remove most friction through a electrostatic process. The modified hydrocarbon molecules attach to the metals of a component (engine/transmission) and stop metal on metal contact, allowing better fuel mileage and performance. When the molecules attach to the metal everything else attached comes off. Sludge, corrosion, burned carbon are all released from the metal surfaces allowing oil flow to return to normal.


Higher Mileage Engines

As todays engines are used they build up burned carbon, corrosion and sludge. This buildup is compounded by lack of proper maintenance and the amount of driving necessary in our busy lives. Rough idle, reductions in fuel economy, lack of power are all symptoms of an oil flow issue in the Variable Valve Timing engines of today. Knocking, lifters, clicking, chain rattle are all telling you the solenoids, cam phasers and timing of your complex engine are choking on dirt and sludge while starving for oil flow.

The patented Hydrocarbon Technology from the Jilcat Proline products can reverse the years and miles of buildup and return your engine to the great running machine it was new.

About Us

JILCAT 85 Proline Ultra Friction Reducer Engineered by Petron Plus. Is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have dealt with these products for more than 25 years. We know the limitations and possibilities of each product and can advise you on how to apply our innovative lubricants so you get the most effective results. All of our products are registered and approved as green, eco-friendly products by the Environmental Protection Agency, so you can feel secure knowing that you're not harming the environment. We offer 100% guarantees on the product materials we provide.

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